Picture of Matt Gamble

Matt Gamble

I was born in the spring of ’76, perhaps in swaddling clothes, or perhaps in a Midwestern fishing village, though both of those facts are erroneous at best.

I have spent most of my life immersed in comics, b-movies and soon to be forgotten pop culture. Years later, at the behest of some friends, I started up my own blog and a legend was born. Soon enough my demented ramblings and cinematic diatribes led to freelance writing gigs with Cinema Fusion and UGO.

Buoyed by this sudden popularity, I started up my own film review website, Where the Long Tail Ends, devoted to obscure and unknown films. From there I expanded into podcasting, co-hosting High and Low (Brow) and Spoiler Alert at Where the Long Tail Ends while also regularly contributing to the Row Three Cinecast.

Now, fresh from a former career of working in movie theatres, I now spend my free time trying to be an annoying wife guy, I let my dogs lick my face whenever they want, and I occasionally write down entertaining lies for people to read.