So, here’s the thing

I’ve written lots of things over the years, mainly focusing on film criticism and various non-fiction style writing. I’m good at that. And as someone who doesn’t like to talk up their accomplishments it means something that I will post that for all to see. But I decided some time last year that I wanted to do something different and test myself. I decided that I was going to write a novel.

I’ve had the core concept of what I wanted in my head for years. I was never sure if it was a short story, or a screenplay or a book, so I just avoided doing anything with it for fear of fucking it up. But as I get older, writing it has become an itch tat I had to scratch. So last fall I sat down and started writing.

Now, several months later, I am ~160 pages in and feeling pretty good about it. It is still very much a rough draft, but I am somewhere around the halfway point and I feel good about how it will end and that if I keep my current pace, I will finish this draft this year. That is really fucking cool.

So now I sit here with a website and it seemed like a good idea to journal what I am working on as I take these steps. I don’t know if I will get published, but I certainly hope to query. But while that is still a ways off this seems like a perfectly good spot to post some of the things I am working on, and toss our some ideas and concepts, and maybe even chronicle this whole journey to an explosive end.

But it will hopefully be a fun ride.